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I specialize in performing on the DS 5.5 keyboard, a keyboard designed for pianists with small hands. Before I found the alternative keyboard at SMU, I struggled with playing repertoire that was too large for my hands. I had repeat wrist and hand injuries and I thought that I would never make it as a professional performing artist.

Now I have access to a piano that I play comfortably at home. I also have the option of taking this action with me to perform at other venues. It is a great tool that allows me to reach my artistic potential without sacrificing my physical health!

Eliana Yi, MTNA conference
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What is this keyboard?

This is keyboard that works just like any other. The only difference is the width of the keys. Find out more about this keyboard here:


Why does this keyboard exist?

There are many pianists like me who are limited by the conventional size of the modern-day keyboard. Find out more information about the PASK group (Pianists for Alternatively-Sized Keyboards):


How does this keyboard benefit pianists?

Pianists that play on a piano comfortably sized for their hands prevent size-related injuries and muscle tension. I find this keyboard has not only taught me good technique but also unlocked my potential for musicality. I also find that I learn music faster when I am playing on a keyboard meant for my hands.


Links to more information

Here is a PDF that links you to different websites within the PASK community, which includes teachers, performing artists, professors, keyboard manufacturers and more: Click Here

Stretto Festival

This past May, I participated in the International Stretto Festival, a celebration of performances all around the world by keyboard artists that use alternative sizes! 

See more about the festival here:

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