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What do your students do?

I tailor my curriculum to each student's unique needs and desires. I encourage my students to perform at my studio recitals and try different music genres from all time periods of music to expand their horizons. Some of my students enjoy participating in music events like festivals and competitions and placement tests. Others enjoy composing. My method for each student varies widely -- that's what makes this job so fun!

Who do you teach?

I teach all levels and ages. Whether you are a beginner adult or a young virtuoso, you are welcome in my studio!

I offer online or in-person lessons and even a hybrid of both.

How much do you charge?

The burning question. I charge $85 per hour, online or in-person. Depending on how far away you are from Redmond, I may charge more for travel time.

I offer 30/45/60 minute lessons.

Seattle teacher masterclass

Are there other expenses I should be aware of?

I charge a flat-rate of $250 at the beginning of the year for any material you or your child will need. This includes:

- piano books

- theory workbooks

- metronome

- bench cushions

- office supplies

- recital hall fees

- prizes and awards

- pedal boxes

- equipment for off-bench activities

These materials really add up. Instead of having you buy them, I will buy it myself and deliver it to you.

Do I need to buy a keyboard?

Yes, you will need a high quality electric keyboard or acoustic upright/grand piano at home to practice on regularly. A high quality instrument is essential for building good technique, even at the very beginning levels. If you have questions about buying a piano, please contact me.

How much do your students practice?

Regular, diligent practice is essential, not only for discipline, but to make piano a fulfilling activity that builds confidence within oneself.

Practice time is dependent on the goals of the student and their family. Whether my students are practicing twenty minutes a day or two hours a day, they are kept accountable for their practice time and we are always discussing how to use time productively.


More questions?

Schedule a free interview session with me! I would love to get to know you.

What if my child does not want to perform?

Nothing to worry about. There are many reasons a student feels discouraged to be onstage. I seek to gain a trusting and understanding relationship with the student first and foremost.

Do you only teach classical music?

Classical piano is my main field of study and education. However, I also teach pop music, jazz, ragtime, blues, composition, improv etc.! I give my students a wide variety of repertoire so that they are always trying something new.

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